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Athens Marathon (Memories)

Athens Marathon

The annual marathon race (26.2 miles) follows the steps of the legendary Pheidippides, from the town of Marathon, and finish in the first modern Olympic Stadium in Athens..

The modern race is based on a legend, when a messenger named Pheidippides ran over twenty-four miles to Athens, carrying news of a great victory of the soldiers of Athens over an invading Persian Army. The modern marathon commemorates this epic run every year, and celebrates the battle as a victory for democracy and for the preservation of western civilization.

You certainly do not have to be an Olympic athlete to run this classic race.  Athletes from around the world can take part in the Athens Marathon , held every year in Autumn….. when the weather is still hot but not unbearable ! The times for this difficult course  has decreased dramatically in recent years, with Kenyan runners leading the way…..

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