What is homeostasis?

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Homeostasis as the maintenance of a internal environment. Automatic control systems throughout the body maintain a range of factors at steady levels, which are required for to function properly. Homeostasis is important because cells need a constant supply of food and for and growth and repair. They also require the removal of waste products such as carbon dioxide – which is via the lungs when we breathe out.
It is important for a balanced water level to maintain the of a cell contents for appropriate cell activity. Enzymes require a particular for optimum working. Excess are broken down into urea in the . Urea is carried in the bloodstream to the to be excreted in the urine.
The process of as the passive overall movement of molecules from a region of their concentration to a region of their concentration. Osmosis as a special case of diffusion. It is the overall movement of water from a dilute to a more solution through a partially permeable . Diffusion and osmosis are important processes for molecules into and out of cells. If excess water moves into animal cells by osmosis the cell may rupture. If too much water moves out of cells they are unable to correctly.