People and Work in Life Care: Paramedics

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A paramedic first checks for any hazard which could put the patients life in further . The paramedics have a system called . This enables them to decide which people need assistance straight away.

Patients with circulatory problems are dealt with first.

The paramedics use a system called ABC of first aid. A stands for . B stands for , and C stands for .

Paramedics also ask at the accident for information about the accident. This is very useful if the patient is unconscious or cannot .

The equipment used includes an oxygen , a heart , and a defribillator. Patients are put into the position. It is important to restore the heartbeat, provide , and transport them to the hospital quickly.

A person with a head injury might have pupils or might have blood in the whites of their eyes. It might also be indicated in the way they walk or their .

Low blood is normally an indication that internal bleeding has occured. For serious injuries it is sometimes necessary to call the air ambulance.

Peole with broken bones need to be treated straight away. A broken femur can be dangerous. the in the leg are so strong that the bone can be pushed up into the abdomen.

Patients are delivered to the accident and department of the hospital. Normally the paramedics radio ahead, so there is a team of doctors and nurses waiting at the hospital when they arrive with the patients.