Major Air Pollutants

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Most of the air pollutants are invisible. One exception to this is . This is made up of small solid particulates which float in the air. This can cause breathing problems and can cover buildings and plants.

Another pollutant is sulfur . This is an acidic gas which can assist in the formation of rain. Burning fossil fuels such as coal will result in the emission of this pollutant.

Carbon is a poisonous gas . You cannot smell this gas, and it need a special detector to locate its presence. It reacts with the and can place additional stress on the heart.

dioxide is another gas which assists in the formation of acid rain. It can cause breathing difficulties and can make ashma much worse for sufferers. Another similar compound is nitrogen . This can quickly react with oxygen to form nitrogen dioxide. Both of these gases are normally described as emissions.

Low level can cause health problems. It is a molecule of oxygen atoms. It can cause breathing problems and can make worse for sufferers. In contrast to this low level ozone formation, high altitude ozone is necesary to protect us from the effects of radiation, which can cause skin .

Tiny bits of solid matter floating in the air are called . They cover buildings and plants. Very small particulates, smaller than 10 micrometres in , can easily enter the lungs, making worse.

The degree of air pollution is dependent on a number of factors. The level of emission depends on the concentration of vehicles, power stations, and the number and type of industries. The conditions can also affect the level of airborne pollutants. Wind can either pollution or move it to another location far away from the original . Ozone is much higher in towns and cities than he countryside. This is because a combination of and air pollutant is required or the formation of Ozone.