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AQA Science

NEW: True or False Revision Exercises (with answers!)  (B,C and P)      

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Biology  B1a Physics  P1   Chemistry  C1 ISA Preparation
NEW! :  Revision  Booklet   B1a
NEW!:   Revision Booklet     B1b
NEW:  Revision Booklet  P1b New : Revision Booklet C1b

Cloze: Homeostasis Cloze: Heat transfer Cloze: Atoms and Elements Accuracy
Combo: Homeostasis Revision (3 activities) XWord:  Limestone Precision
Quiz : Hormones   XWord: Heat transfer Cloze: Metals Categoric and
Continuous Variables
XWord: Nervous System Multi-choice: Vacuum Flask Cloze: Oils and Emulsions Control Variables
Match : Coordination and Control Cloze:   Renewable Energy Cloze: Earth's Atmosphere Data, Evidence, True Vaues
Match: Internal Environment Match: Electromagnetic Waves XWord: Earth and Atmosphere  Dependent and Independent Variables
Match : Menstrual Cycle Cloze:  Sunlight and Skin Cancer Fair Test
Match:  Reflex Action XWord: Electromagnetic Waves Ordered and Discrete Variables
XWord:  Metabolism and Diet Precision
Cloze: Healthy Eating Cloze: Analogue and Digital Signals Random Errors
Combo: Food and your Body XWord:  Radioactivity Reliability
Cloze: Weight problems Other Terms
Cloze: Variation,Sexual and Asexual Reproduction
Download Zip Package B1a   Practice ISA Questions (Chemistry)
Download Zip Package B1a2 Practice ISA  Questions (Physics)
Practice ISA Questions (Biology)

  AQA Science A: Year 11  (Additional Applied)
Food Science
  Forensic Science Sports Science
Health and Safety
NEW: Revision Notes NEW : Revision Notes NEW:    Revision Notes
Xword : Collecting Evidence Cloze: Materials for Sports: Polymers
Cloze:  Collecting Evidence XWord: Materials for Sports : Polymers
Cloze:  Microscopes Cloze: Aerobic and anaerobic respiration
Match: Forensic Tests Match:  Gas Exchange System
JMix: Breathalyser Test Match: Blood glucose concentration
JMix:  DNA Profiling Match: Blood water concentration
Cloze:  Analysing glass and plastic Cloze: Isotonic Drinks
Cloze:  Analysing Blood Cloze: Sports Nutrition
Cloze:  Covalent Compounds Cloze: Body Mass Index
Cloze:   Ionic Compounds
Cloze:   Fingerprints

Year 10/11:    Revision Activities for Science A and Applied Science Topics  
Classes of Materials (Cloze)

Materials Terms (Crossword)

Shuttle Disasters and the importance of safety, teamwork , and effective action
Communications  (Originally developed for 21st Century Science)

Communications Crossword

Digital or Analogue Systems (Cloze)

Sending Information  ( cloze)

Definitions (Matching Exercise)
Life Care  (Originally developed for 21st Century Science)
1.  Bones Cloze Activity

2. Bones Match Activity

3. Cardio Match Activity

4. Life Care X Word Activity

5. Muscle Biopsy Sequence Activity

6. Paramedics: Cloze Activity
You and Your Genes (Originally developed for 21st Century Science)

 You and Your Genes (3 activities)