Isotonic Drinks

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Isotonic Drink

Isotonic Drink

When athletes exercise the glycogen levels decrease, so the body has less for activities. The body also , as it tries to maintain a constant body temperature. Sweat contains and ions . The ions removed by sweating include Sodium, Chlorine, Calcium, Magnesium and . Isotonic drinks provide athletes with replacement electrolytes, water, and simple carbohydrates. If these ions are not replaced the body will become .
The athlete will not be performing to the optimum level as the amounts of glycogen and are depleted.

Isotonic drinks with a level of between 6 and % are emptied from the stomach at a similar to water.
and potassium in a drink will reduce the urine output. A reduction in output allows the fluid to empty quickly from the stomach, by promoting the from the intestine. This encourages fluid retention.