Metals Gap-fill exercise

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Some metals, such as copper and gold, are too for many uses . An consists of a metal with at least one other element. Alloys are usually and harder than pure metals. The regular arrangement of the particles is by the addition of other elements. This makes it more difficult for the atoms to slide over each other.

Steel is an alloy of and carbon. Increasing the quantity of carbon in steel increases the and strength of the alloy.

Some alloys are known as alloys. These materials respond to changes in the . Smart alloys are able to their shape if deformed. frames are often made of smart alloys. They can withstand bending, and they regain their shape when a is removed. An example of a smart alloy is Nitinol. This is an alloy of and titanium.

Groups 2 and in the table are known as the transition metals. They have certain properties which make them useful for structural applications. They are and strong. They also have high points, with the exception of which is a liquid at room temperature. Transition metals are good conductors of heat an electricity.

Transition metals need to be extracted from their by the process of . This is an expensive process, which requires a lot of .


Copper is used in electrical and in plumbing.

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Aluminium is resistance to and it has a low density. It suitable for the construction of lightweight vehicles and aeroplanes. It is also used for window and soft drink .

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is very strong and resistant to corrosion. It is used in aeroplanes and for the replacement of hip joints

metals allows money and enegy to be saved. It also reduces the rate at which resources are extracted. The effect on the is also reduced.