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Athens Marathon (Memories)

Dr Martyn Overy completed six Athens marathons.  Starting 26.2 miles from Athens, from the village of  Marathon.  At this stage there are more trees alongside the road than concrete buildings.

The last few metres is an experience to relish. Athletes finish in the very first Olympic Stadium, built in 1896.

The track surface is of modern  construction, but the surroundings are pure classical. Not much has changed since 1896 in this stadium, unlike the surroundings.

The 1894 Olympic Stadium, late at night….

Training in beautiful surroundings o­n the island of  Paxos.

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Marathon Beach Hotel is a great place to relax before and after the marathon, It is located in Nea Makri, approximately 6 miles from Marathon. The manager welcomes athletes every year, and he shares the enthusiasm of the competitors. You can find out more about the original marathon at the website of the Classic Marathon Race

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